Pissed off deity statue


Washed-up Asian pop star calendar

Remember that Vietnamese new wave hit by Tuan Vu in 1986? Didn’t think so. Because while his music never lasted, his silky smooth face can live forever on your wall.

Erotic jade ornament

Here we have a one-of-a-kind jade ornament depicting a couple mid-thrust staring off into the sunset. How romantic.

Cartoon plastic stools

These stools are the ultimate statement in low-brow home decor and copyright infringement. 
Yes, that’s Dumbo skinned alive and Bugs Bunny spread eagle.

Beheaded dog rear-view mirror charm

Look at those beady eyes and that beautiful glowing coat, probably made of Cambodian rat fur. This ornament ensures that nobody will steal your car, as you are too crazy to be fucked with.